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The answer will be networking, which is a faster-than-optical two-way data transmission technology that could revolutionize mobile communications, aiming to transmit data through lighting. The number of internet users will double according to various reports and one billion people will be online this year. Let’s get an idea of ​​its reach. It currently has an estimated million users, so that number will almost double. This trend will mean that the vast majority of the world’s population will have some form of access to the Internet, with developing countries seeing the fastest growth. And Google is leading an ambitious project to secure even the most remote.

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of rural areas also have access to the Internet. The days Luxembourg Mobile Number List of the Internet going to get faster are numbered. It’s the next generation of mobile connectivity and it could improve the download speeds of the current generation by at least 100%. According to the consulting firm, the global implementation is expected to cover one-third of the population and is estimated to support 10,000 connections. This generation of networks brings up another problem: wireless mobile access to the Internet may already be faster than cable fiber. The death of physical currency Smartphones will become the primary method of transferring money. And physical currency is destined to be in the future.

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Lose influence on the Internet. Mobile payment Lead Sale systems such as Banks and technology companies such as Samsung and Apple. Already testing these technologies, which will be very popular in the short term, according to a Spanish newspaper report. There are also discussions about models such as the virtual currency Bitcoin. It may be called something else in the future but experts believe its philosophy will live on. The banking system continues to move towards digital transformation. Augmented Virtual Reality for Everyone If director Mark Zuckerberg’s prediction comes true. Ten years from now people will be consuming digital content via virtual and augmented reality.

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