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Is the time elapse between when a user visits a website and when the search results are return. Usually it’s a sign of user dissatisfaction because if users have to go back to a list of results it means they didn’t find all the information they were looking for. And emoticons, also known as emoticons or emoticons, are small pictures that express emotions or thoughts, and if us properly in your website, they can help increase the click-through rate of your web pages. Error Errors occur when a page cannot be found whether it is a user visit or a search engine visit. In both cases the experience was negative. To fix it we have to always point out whether it is the page that will not be return or not.

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Reject it to another valuable page. FAQ Schema is a Portugal Mobile Number List data markup whose goal is to increase click-through rate. Visibility in search results. Featur Snippets Featur Snippets or also known as placements are the result of Google rewarding a prominent position at the top of the search results. Footprint Footprint is the number of pages of information index in the title of a small search shortcut that many professionals use to filter the searches they want. The tag is a meta tag whose purpose is to indicate to the different languages ​​where the page is found so that it sees them as translations and not duplicate content. The file is a server that allows us to collect.

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Main directives and configuration files. technology is a new Lead Sale communication protocol. That enables faster file transfers between users and servers. Indexing The process a search engine performs when it includes pages from our website in search results is call indexing. Search Intent Search intent, or search intent, is a term. Us to define the relationship between what a user is looking for and the results a page provides. Interlocking or internal linking is the study of. The transfer of authority between pages and how they are connect to each other. SEO KPIs are those that allow us to detail.

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