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Employers may be skeptical of your post-career resume when you rejoin the workforce. Your professional development may be on hold. If you’re not in the office you probably won’t hear about important promotion opportunities. This could affect your chances of getting the promotion you crave or your progress in your career path. You may lose touch with your field. It can be difficult to stay abreast of the latest trends and practices if you are not immersed in the industry all the time. Your bank account could take a hit. Career interruptions can be costly. If you decide to travel the world on a gap year you will have to pay for room and board and airfare.

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Bills can add up even if you stay home while on vacation. Make sure you can pay your mortgage and support a family before quitting your career. If you can accept the risks Phone Number List a career break might be just what you need to get excited about work again. Then you can prepare for your return when you are ready. Re-entering the workforce after a long hiatus can be daunting. If you’re going back to your old job, you may be concerned about whether you’ll still be at your best. Or if you are looking for a new career you may be concerned about how to justify your employment gap to future employers.

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Businesswoman career break but as with all things framing is everything. The trick is to focus on how your career break will benefit you in your role. In your job interview Lead Sale talk about the new skills and perspectives you gained during your time away. For example, if you are a new parent to a manager, you now have more empathy for employees who also have children. If you take stress leave, you can discuss your renewed focus on work-life balance. If you have traveled the world or lived in Another country. You now have experience working with a different culture. Your career break is not a sign against you. It is an addition to what you can offer your employer.

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