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I don’t think there is an easy way to fix this. And I think especially when it comes to medical content it’s really important that our algorithms are very picky about what we show. So I would look at the quality rater guidelines and think hard about how quality raters perceive your site. QA testers don’t create algorithms but they give us a lot of information about what we can do in algorithms. So I highly recommend memorizing them. And I think when we’re talking about these kinds of sites it’s less about strategy than about making sure it’s really a legitimate business and backed by the proper reputable sources.

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So it’s not just posting high-quality content and doing all those things Kazakhstan Mobile Number List This is also to ensure that it is written by doctors and created by medical professionals who are legitimate in their field. The introduction to the Quality Assessor or Quality Assessor concept in The Quality Assessor or Quality Assessor brings us to another very important concept to understand in this and guide. And Google itself makes it clear that it employs thousands of people from all over the world to evaluate websites and mark them as good or bad on a broad scale. The most likely way to make the reviews of thousands of quality raters actionable is to use algorithms like Google does for almost everything.

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On the back end of the system the quality rater has a Lead Sale slider to assign values ​​as shown below in the guideline and quality rater and this data is fed into the machine learning system for continuous improvement of the algorithm based on known signal data. In this way, although the quality raters do not individually affect the ranking of a website, they collectively affect the general algorithm of management. Is it a ranking factor? Is there a score? Negative Google won’t give you a score. All you can do is find ways to improve the authority of the experience in the eyes of quality raters and trust them to help fine-tune the way the algorithm decides search results. How It Affects Your Website The higher your website ranks, the more likely you are to appear on search results pages.

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