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To display the site links for the results. We won’t show site links to your site if the structure of your site doesn’t allow our algorithms to find good site links or if we don’t think they’re relevant to a user’s query. Site links are currently automat. We’re always working to improve our site link algorithm and in the future we may incorporate feedback from site owners. Google Site links Search Box The Most Prominent Search Results Since 2009 also gives users another option to access what they are looking for in the most efficient way possible with their own search bar integrate into the snippet.

Why featured snippets matter in the first place

The search box search box sits between the domain and the site Italy Phone Numbers List links. If the specific result the user is looking for doesn’t show up then it can be plac directly in the search bar without going to the web. The How To Get Search Box documentation provides us with the exact steps we must follow to implement a search box on our website. Configure a functioning search engine to forward encode queries on the site. Implement website structure data elements on the home page. You can find information on how to insert structure data on your website in our guide or check out our post on how to implement structure data using schemas.

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Fetches the indexed page content and displays it in the

Use the tool to test rich search results. Verify Lead Sale that the implementation was successful by typing and searching parameters directly in the browser. Example If you haven’t set a prefer specification for your homepage please use the parameter on all homepage variations. This will help determine which is correct. Use an inspection tool to check how searchers are viewing the page to make sure it’s not block or flagg. In fact you should be sure of this even if you don’t have data implement. Once everything is correct you can ask the page to be crawl again to index the changes. Remember to merge the changes from where you ask to search for them.

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