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What is benchmarking and some techniques for solving it. Can you go with use Let’s go there contents what is benchmarking benchmarking is a type of competitive analysis in which the difference value of the main competitors in the market is identifi for a product or service. They compare with the company itself to determine competitive advantage and improve and implement it. Through this research and comparison we can determine our own and our competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. This helps us see points of improvement in defining the optimal policy. Next we’ll see the different steps to perform a proper benchmark.

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A focus benchmark benchmarking tries to compare websites for China Mobile Number List a competitive ge. For this we ne two basic things visit our website and analyze competitors. Benchmarks can change as ne and don’t always work the same way but we’ll try to guide you through this type of analysis. Knowing our website starts with knowing ourselves at the level. For this we can ask ourselves a few questions. Do we know the conversion rate of organic traffic Is it important for total billing Is our off-page correct Do we have a good network architecture

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Do we have quality content that meets the search intent Lead Sale of potential customers Where do we sit in the market Identify competitors we already know who we are now we have to know who they are our competitors. Here you have several options to identify these competitors for benchmarking purposes. Google search. If you know what the main keywords to display are you can do a search and extract the top keywords for each search. Focus on organic results of course. At this point or other tools can be very useful competitors and you.

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