Mistakes to avoid when rebuilding the site

There are also mistakes to avoid like the plague which unfortunately are made very often during the restyling phase of the website.

This type of error heavily reduces – and very often restarts from 0 – the positioning of the website on Google.

Here are the main ones.

Error no. 1: 301 redirects

When migrating the site from one CMS platform to another, for example from Joomla to WordPress, or from WordPress to Prestashop, very often the URLs of the pages also change which is exactly what Google ranks for.

In fact, each content has a dedicated URL and it is what the search engine finds when analyzing our site and what it offers users in response to their questions.


In practice, from having a site that received many visits we suddenly find ourselves with a site with 0 visits. It’s definitely the worst case scenario, isn’t it?

That’s right, with 301 redirects .


such as for example moving from a .com to a .it or from Bulk SMS Spain a www.nomedominio.it to a nomedominio.it restarts the positioning of the site on search engines practically from 0.

If done correctly, they reduce the loss of traffic and positioning to 0.

Mistake 2: Metadata Migration

Metadata are micro-texts essential for the positioning of various pages in search engines In practice, they are useful information for Google and for users to evaluate our pages in the SERP.


This lack worsens as time passes the positioning of Lead Sale the website and unfortunately it is not visible in any other way than with SEO tools and tools .

So it’s easy to forget them and result in a site that keeps crashing inexorably and we can’t even figure out why.

Removing the www from your site is a very trivial mistake which however happens in one of 3 restylings. It seems like bullshit but in the eyes of Google you have just changed your home address and your site loses practically all the positioning it painstakingly earned over years of Work.

In short, a huge disaster!

But you have to do them immediately, within a couple of days of going online! If weeks go by, in fact, the disaster is practically (almost) irreparable.

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