Maximize Ranking Potential Through Lazada

Automatic cancellation also occurs at Shopee. To avoid automatic cancellation, make sure shipping is arranged and your logistics partner ships your item within 2 days of your delivery deadline.

Pro tip: If you are using a Shopee Logistics Partner, simply select Manage Shipping and your order will be arranged automatically. For non-Shopee logistics channels, you need to use the “Send” button to arrange your order.

Delivery measures how well the seller prepares and ships all orders within the Days to Store period.

To improve shipping processes

You need to create best practices within your warehouse. Increase packaging stock, especially during peak season, so you don’t run out.

And if your warehouse is ready to handle automation , then we highly recommend eliminating manual operations. This is inevitable when your store is growing.

Customer satisfaction
Target: more than 50%

Customer satisfaction measures phone number list buyer experience by analyzing customer reviews and seller chat response rates.

Listing violations measure how well a seller observes good listing practices. Shopee monitors this to ensure a safe experience for its buyers when using its platform.

You need to familiarize yourself with Shopee policies and regulations. To get started, here are the main types of listing violations you need to watch out for:

These are lists that are prohibited from being

phone number list

sold by law and are also prohibited by Shopee’s listing policies.
IP and Counterfeit Listing Violation – This violates the use of trademarks, and copyrighted products, and also includes imitation products.
Spam Listing Policy – ​​Keyword spam, incorrect product attributes, and re-uploading of deleted products are included in this violation.
Maximize ranking potential through Lazada and Shopee’s powerful metrics
Without a doubt, Shopee and Lazada use metrics to track your performance and help them make informed decisions. This will ensure that they provide a great customer experience — always.

And this decision includes weeding Lead Sale out bad sellers and recommending good ones. If you want to maintain a good reputation, just follow the best practices of selling within the market.

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