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A website starts where we will enter the URL and we will be able to know the list of keywords based on their searches. Here we can select the desired keywords. Discovering keywords for your ad It’s important to know the types of agreements that exist in keywords because with them we can be more concise for potential customers to find us. Broad ads can appear on searches related to selected keywords. Ads can appear on searches that include this keyword. Exact ads can appear on searches that have the same meaning as your keyword. It’s much more restrictive but it allows your traffic to be more optimized for what you’re looking for.

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Negative keywords are almost as important as keywords are negative Greece Mobile Number List They allow us. To exclude certain search intents of our customers that we do not want to be associated with. An obvious example might be if we were offering paid training courses the negative keywords we would use would be free because we don’t offer this service. Negative keywords need to be updated regularly to include search intent not originally considered. I assure you that it may not seem like it, but improving your campaigns is essential. Once we are clear about the previous tips we must pay attention to the process of creating an ad. How to create an ad First we will access our account.

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Once inside we find ourselves on the home page we have to follow Lead Sale a few easy steps to create the perfect ad just click on campaigns located on the left sidebar we will select our search campaign we select our ad set we access the announcements section and finally we click Blue plus button Create a new search ad How to create an ad in Once you’re in, it’s time to start filling out the sections to create the perfect ad. Ultimately this is the link that takes the customer to the final product they have to buy. It’s important to know that you don’t have to place pages for your home page but for specific articles or landing pages. It can be seen that this is a beautiful link that will appear in the ad.

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