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To another formula to try to gather as much or more search volume as possible with less competition for keywords and more focus on addressing the search intent of the potential customer. We do this through in-depth research on keywords. Let’s see where it starts keyword research keyword research is the cornerstone of a hotel strategy. Why this is so: identify and detect opportunity keywords for three important reasons: through these keywords we will achieve traffic acquisition and organic visibility through users who are interested in content products and services in that industry. Assign terms to landing pages to use in relation to user searches.

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Patterns of data build the web and align optimization Greece Mobile Number List with what we land on. Content for example depending on the nature of the project we can rely on transactional timeless informational content and other freshness related content. Long-tail strategy when doing keyword research for hotels, we must avoid using very generic and short-tail keywords or chains of words that have a high number of searches, so the competition is fierce check the experience and user search intent and choose the long tail. As we’ve seen working and trying to target keywords like hotels or Asturias hotels is a mistake because we’ll be working with.

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Competing with the largest oats would be a waste Lead Sale of investment time and money. Let’s see how to illustrate it in a simple way general search semi-universal search. Asturias star hotels Asturias budget hotels long tail search Asturias spa romantic hotels. Asturias tries new year’s eve hotel so it’s about getting very segmented visits through long. Tail strategies to help you get high quality traffic and high conversion conversion bookings. The importance of search intent as we mentioned before everyone is different and searches differently.

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