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You can also choose a photo that is taken at home, it is important that it meets the basic criteria. What to look for when choosing a profile picture? The profile picture should be quite elegant. You don’t always have to wear a suit. Bet on neat clothes, a shirt or jacket. For ladies, elegant but delicate make-up and a simple hairstyle. Linkin is not the place to experiment with photos. Seeing the president of a large company with a fishing rod will not bring the expect effect.

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Many people also insert their company logo as a profile picture. Remember! Your personal profile is your profile. Use the company page to promote the company, and you can write phone number list about the company in other parts of the profile. Color frames have been popular on LinkIn recently. This is one of the ideas to stand out from other people. However, if you decide on a colorful photo frame, choose a color that is relat to, for example, the colors of your company. The most important elements about the profile picture – what should the picture be like? Professional Neat Good resolution Current Look straight ahead Show your face – LinkIn suggests that your face should take up of the photo It doesn’t have to be sad and boring.

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A smile is recommend There are also some tools that will make it easier for you to decide which photo to choose. For this purpose, use, for example , the PhotoFeeler tool – portal users will  assess whether a given photo is suitable for LinkIn. Cover photo , your private advertising space. This is your free advertising space. The banner, that is. the background photo has a rectangular format with dimensions of × and max. MB. When setting them, always Lead Sale check the readability both on the computer and on the smartphone.

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