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Each of the Treaty Organization root server operators participates in the overall community of Internet security, the average Internet user. Finally there is a technical liaison group called the technical liaison group that works with these organizations. The final decision is made by a Board of Directors consisting of 10 members. How decisions are made Advisory committees or foundational organizations ask questions or recommend changes, spark debate and write reports that are made available to the public. If a proposed change or problem affects another group of the system that group must also communicate its opinion through a report. The results will be released to the public for the second time.

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Once this process is complete the board will receive South Africa Mobile Number List a detailed report with all previous conversations, suggestions and comments to discuss the issue and decide whether to approve the proposed changes or continue the review and return it to one of the organizations based on some comments. This process is repeated until all parties can come to an agreement or the board makes a decision based on the reports obtained. To whom it is accountable There is a responsibility to respond to internal and external agencies. It must abide by the laws of the state of California in the United States, so it must be accountable to the judicial system and can be sued in court. Inside you have to pass the following.

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Points to respond Your community respects your Lead Sale rules Make sure. The board is made up of people from all over the world. Create an independent nominating committee responsible for selecting voting members of the board. Select managers on an annual basis. Facilitate conflict resolution review committee independent review panels and mediators through different procedures. The Accountability and Transparency Framework and Principles are available online. Why is it important to have an entity like this because. There are more and more domain extension providers at. The same time when contracting with different registrars so there is a single point of meeting.

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