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Its main goal is that users like our brand and recommend it. Particular attention must be paid to customer service, exchange and return policies and communicating our values ​​to our current and potential users. The key to the success of any project is to keep striving for continuous improvement even though we are the market leader. Analyzing the results by domain to identify possible errors early and to continuously suggest improvements and innovations will put us at the forefront of any project we propose. Basic Ecommerce Mistakes It will do you good to know the basic and most common mistakes to avoid when developing a strategy to avoid.

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They interfere with your organic results and billing. Uncontrollable Dubai Phone Number List indexing Items like. Parameters generated due to product filters can create millions and cause valuable crawl resources. To be spent on pages that have value. Lack of web architecture Without a well-defined architecture creates serious issues like. Cannibalization between pages, crawl errors and most importantly it confuses our users. Duplicate content Duplicate product description Empty category Product out of stock If we don’t manage all of these situations well our strategy won’t achieve the results we want.

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Developing a good strategy for your eCommerce Lead Sale takes time and resources. But all of this will pay off with increased traffic and sales. With this guide you can start creating your own strategy for your online store. But if you need help you can contact us and we will help you. Don’t hesitate to ask for a free diagnosis. Guide to Redirects or Temporary Redirects Elizabeth Rubio Elizabeth Rubio. Year Month Day SEO Tutorial Redirection Some time ago we told everything. You need to know about redirection and it is one of the must know operations.

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