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Tags This is the most important tag among us. We can see it in search results and browser tabs. We already know that the characters are limit but try not to be the same as the game. Meta Description Although over the years this tag has lost weight in positioning and more and more Google chooses what content to show in the description space of yours Be sure to complete this field and call some action bas on your content. Headings or headers highlight important parts of the text using heading hierarchy. Using more will not get you rank but it will help Google understand your content better.

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Images Images have several interesting properties. Utilize Oman Mobile Number List the filename to enter important terms before uploading the image. Include a description of said image in the tag You can even use tags to reinforce that description. Of course don’t abuse using the same keyword in all fields for all images. Tip Link Modules and Breadcrumbs Another tip for optimizing landing pages is to group content to create content clusters. A content cluster is the part whose topic is more interrelate than the rest. Link modules and breadcrumbs reinforce the inner connection of the content.

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How do I know if I’m doing the right thing

In order not to get too abstract let’s take an example Lead Sale and say we have a movie website and we’re working on a landing page for the Academy Awards. In this landing we will create a linking module to attack other terms relat to the Oscars: nominees, winners, Oscar-winning actors, actresses, directors, all of which are group and link together to form an Oscar-them cluster. We provide information through the links we have along with more Oscar relat content so the relevance of the topic will increase. Skills structure data provide us and have been.

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