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You can indicate whether you want users to see only your experiment or your original campaign, or a random mix of both. The search-based option means that the algorithm randomly displays the original experiment or campaign each time a user performs a search. This means that if we search for a keyword twice it could theoretically appear in both the test campaign and the base campaign. On the other hand based on the test means that everyone will only see one version of the activity no matter how many times they search. The first-time campaign is the one that will keep sending you the same ad settings. From our commitment to using the.

How to pick a phone number for your business

The search because the algorithm assigns users to Slovenia Mobile Number List original or experimental thereby limiting variation to only that variable. But if for some reason you prefer a search-based campaign you can change that in the advanced options. Then we can choose the dates for the experiment. The start date will start the day after the test is created. For the end date you can choose between none of your manual pause duration eg weeks or specify a specific date to end your test in. Finally it is important to understand the enable sync part which is very useful from our point of view.

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Choosing a phone number for your business

Because we no longer to manually make Lead Sale changes in the test activity. If we keep in sync changes made to the base activity will be automatically to the test activity. For example if we add a new ad to the campaign or change the title it will automatically be to the test campaign. How to know if an experiment in is working Once our ad experiment has been running for a few days we can see the results in this section. Experiments All Experiments Find the experiment whose performance you want to see and click on it. Two columns will be Basic Activity and Experiment You will be able to see all main differences and confidence intervals. the latter is important.

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