Interpretation and processing of data

Once we have the capacity to receive information, we have to be able to classify, process and interpret it . Maybe this is what we understand by intelligence, but for me it is only part of it. And for you? It will be useless to have a large volume of data if we are not able to classify and understand it , if we cannot draw conclusions from it. Therefore, in an Email Marketing Automation system, we have to have as many tools as possible for this task. As I understand it, this includes: Possibility of individual viewing and editing. Possibility of filtering, searches and reports.

Smart response based on the above

Are you following me? In the process, in real time, we communicate and feed on feedback, we interpret the signals that come to us and, finally, we redirect the communication based on the new information. Doesn’t it sound familiar to you? Well, that’s industry email list what you do in any normal conversation! Thus, as the last pillar of this reflection, the answer you give must always be in accordance with the information you have been receiving . Your responses and new submissions cannot be the same as previous ones nor can they ignore the information you have received. In that case, they will be of no use to you. The system must allow you to comply with this obligation, being able to segment, filter and even adapt the content itself to the new information that you have . This is how the cycle is completed.

Last conclusions

That’s it! If I’m honest, I had added an additional point to this post to talk about which tools, in my humble opinion, comply with these pillars and which, despite positioning themselves as such, are not . But we leave Lead Sale it here, there is enough and we will see in a next post. If you have noticed, my position is not towards the dehumanization of communication but towards the opposite, to make the tools designed for a very human process (communication) adapt to that nature . But I’m sure there will be almost as many interpretations as there are conjectures about the presence of little Nicolás (Fran, sorry) in Big Brother VIP (I refuse to watch it!).

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