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Next we will display the number of URLs index and a list of all URLs in the search results. It is normal to have slight discrepancies between the site command results for index pages and the results obtain through commands. This usually occurs when both types of data are collect at the same time. How to index web content Ideally it should be automatically index as soon as it is publish . But the reality is not so flattering. In fact, Google, like other search engines, uses various crawling robots on the Internet to identify existing URLs that remain stable, modifi URLs, disappearing URLs, and new URLs.

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If it detects a new one and the network has optimiz all necessary Guatemala Mobile Number List content to support bot access it analyzes it and if it meets the basic criteria it indexes it and allows it to be publish in search results. As we mention this won’t happen at the rate we want. To spe up new indexing you can use the high traffic content on our site to add internal links to said pages to improve tracking and thus be index using the sitemap we already mention check URLs using the tool Search Console later via request Strong index.

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Control its indexing using Search Console to request indexing by Lead Sale mentioning eg on social profiles etc. This approach us to work better but usually works well if we have. A large number of users generating visits to the content. There are several via indexing programs on the market some are free while others are mostly paid. They usually work online and are usually good for mass indexing but I personally recommend other methods. Does everything ne to be index ? We may think that our online content is indexable and that it works to our advantage in every way. but it is not the truth.

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