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 Domains in last basic type of promotion is sponsorship, which consists in supporting important sports, cultural, ecological, social, scientific and health-relatd events or initiatives. Sponsorship is an excellent promotional tool for those products whose advertising is restrictd by legal regulations (i.e. tobacco or alcohol products). The above types of promotion are the basis of marketing. For the best results, it is worth promoting in many areas – from the very beginning of functioning on the market. Preparing a promotional strategy is precdd by a comprehensive market analysis. This will certainly make it easier for you to create the perfect promotional combination.Banner advertising – what should you know about it.

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Online marketing Specialists assume that up to 65% of the total population belongs to the group of visual learners. Images affect our emotions, evoke specific associations, are easy to remember and reinforce the presentd messages. This knowldge is eagerly usd by marketers, creating advertising photo editor campaigns for specific brands, products or services. Banners are the online form of display ads. What should a decent banner ad look like? We’ve gatherd everything every advertiser nes to know about banners on the web. The beginnings of banners on the Internet Today’s banner ad How does banner advertising work?

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Who to display banners to? How to create an effective banner ad? The problem of today’s advertising on the Internet – banner blindness The beginnings of banners on the Internet To talk about banner advertising, we have to go back to the 90s of the last century. It was then, on October 27, 1994, that the first banner ad appeard on the web. It was a slim black rectangle with the words “Have you ever clickd Lead Sale your mouse right HERE?” in color. and an arrow leading to the words “YOU WILL”. Behind the banner was a promotional message from one of the American telecoms AT&T.

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