Important Shopee Seller Metrics

This still goes back to what we mentioned earlier about providing a positive seller experience. A healthy rate of return is easy to achieve as long as you evaluate your fulfillment process.

Have a process that double-checks items before shipping. You can take and send photos of goods to customers before you ship them to make sure you are sending the right product, and at the same time interact with your customers.

Cancellation Rate refers to orders that are

Canceled due to non-fulfillment whatsapp mobile number list by the seller. Please note that cancellations made on the part of the buyer do not affect your cancellation rate.

Make sure you fill in all the required fields. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk or asterisk (*).

2. Use of 3 or more product images

You can actually sell a product with just 1 image. However, for a better content score, upload at least 3 clear and descriptive images for each product variant.

Ideally, you need 50 words or more for a product description. A list that converts usually includes key selling points such as product features and benefits, what it’s made of, and other useful information.

However, you need to check that your product

whatsapp mobile number list

description meets product listing rules such as warranties and medical claims to avoid penalties

4. Key Product Information Fill Rate

People use filters to search for items on Lazada. To get the most out of it, tag your products with the right key attributes.

You can find the key attributes under Key Product Information.

Another way to get more traffic and rank higher in search results on Lazada (or any marketplace) is to optimize listings using keywords.

You can use Split Dragon’s keyword tracker tool to find the keywords with the highest search volume.

Important Shopee Seller Metrics
Seller performance is also closely Lead Sale monitored by Shopee. You can find your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and targets in My performance .

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