Important Lazada Seller Metrics

Lazada preferred seller badges can only be obtained by sellers with selected quality and exceptional buyer experience.

That said, Lazada breaks it down into various measurements :

Positive Seller Rating
Target: more than 85%

A positive seller rating measures the rating given by users based on their overall shopping experience at the seller’s store.

How are you improving your seller rating

Let’s get back to basics. Buyers Latest Mailing Database are in the market because they are comfortable. And the market promises a smooth transaction from ordering to receiving goods.

Usually what disappoints buyers are things that can be avoided, such as:

Not available/out of stock of items that are still listed
Sent the wrong color and/or size
Sent the wrong item
Late delivery
As you can see, all these problems can be solved before. To earn a 5 star rating , re-evaluate your fulfillment process and tighten any loose screws you find. Also, read all of your feedback and identify specific reasons why your customers don’t like your product.

The return rate tracks the number of returned

Latest Mailing Database

items purchased from your store due to seller-caused errors.

Returns are not a bad thing, in fact they occur in almost all industries. For customers and markets alike, having the option to return products also brings a positive experience and helps to build rapport and good relationships between sellers, markets and customers.

However, if goods are returned frequently, then your store may be flagged and its market reputation may be tarnished.

Your content score measures how you present your store and product listings to attract buyers. You need to provide the best product information that meets the highest standards to convert browsers into buyers.

Content scores are measured through 4 main indicatorsComplete attribute

Make sure you fill in all the required fields. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk or asterisk (*).

2. Use of 3 or more product images

You can actually sell a product with just Lead Sale 1 image. However, for a better content score, upload at least 3 clear and descriptive images for each product variant.

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