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The starting prices for web hosting plans for services that offer a free domain name: BlueHost: $295/month Hostinger: $299/month HostGator: $275/month InMotion Hosting: $299/month Monthly DreamHost: $285 per month In addition to your budget, check out everything included in the package to make sure you’re getting the best price. For example, if you choose Hostinger for your business, you can go to the pricing page and choose the right plan. While the Basic plan doesn’t offer a free domain name, all other plans offer a free domain name option. Hostinger Free Domain Name Step 2: Choose a Web Hosting Plan Step 2, choose a complete hosting plan. Note that only some web hosting plans support a free domain name. Check out the plans that offer a free domain name

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Plan meets your needs. Sometimes, choosing the cheapest plan may seem like the best option; however, this may not always be the case. So if you have the budget, be careful with the plan you choose. Step 3: Choose a billing term Most web hosting services offer a free domain name with Bulk SMS Vietnam a subscription term of one year or more. Also, if you want a free domain name with your web hosting service, paying monthly is not an option. Typically, the longer you stay with a service provider, the greater the discount you can get. STEP 4: CREATE ACCOUNT Step 4, after choosing a package, you have to create an account on the platform. You need an email address to register. However, many web hosting providers also give you the option to create an account directly using your social media accounts.


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Works best for you. Here’s a hint! Provide an email address that you check regularly. This is because if there is a problem with your website, they will notify you via the email address you provided. Step 5: Enter your payment information Now you need to choose a payment Leadsale method. Likewise, you will have countless options when it comes to payment gateways, credit cards, and other payment options. You can choose the payment method that suits you. Step 6: Claim Your Free Domain Name Finally, we come to the final step where you can claim your free domain name. After the payment is successful, the website will take you to the page where you can apply for a free domain name. 

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