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I don’t want to be a manager What to do Say no It’s okay to forge your own path Consider a scenario Your company has a managerial vacancy as a reward for your hard work Your superior asks interested. Now you’re asking yourself should I be a manager? You haven’t considered it before so you decide to network with people in similar roles online and look at your current career path. But you quickly discover that you don’t like the lack of work-life balance and you don’t want to take on more responsibilities. Both of these reasons for not wanting to be promoted are valid but they can leave you conflicted about what to do next. You don’t want to appear ungrateful or miss out on opportunities for a better salary.

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You also don’t want to sacrifice your own happiness to help your team. The same may be true if you are already in a higher position. You wouldn’t be the first to ask yourself should Hong Kong Phone Numbers List I resign from management. Recent managers expect to resign in the year higher than those in the previous year. They cited work stress as one of the main reasons. Maybe you’re not fit to manage that’s okay. You can find other ways to climb the career ladder. You just need to be self-aware and look for other types of career opportunities. If you do not want to be a manager please follow the steps below. Reasons Not to Be a Manager Management is fulfilling work. It’s a team coach.

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Opportunities to positively impact your organization and collaborate with talent across the company. Instead of focusing on your own work, you are responsible for supporting Lead Sale their entire team. But that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. Accepting a management role, like most things in life, implies certain trade-offs. Here are some common downsides of this type of work Not everyone will like your decision. It is impossible to please everyone as a leader. You have to accept hard decisions even when the right choice is not the popular choice. For example, you might need to push a project in a direction your team disagrees with or schedule people to work on holidays. You have to deal with underperforming people.

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