Identify the type of work you want to do

Copywriting offers many opportunities so it is important to identify the type of work you want to do. Any examples?

Many companies (but also entrepreneurs and solopreneurs!) are constantly looking for freelance copywriters to create their promotional content. You could therefore decide to work as a freelancer , both for private clients and for agencies, create your own circle of contacts and collaborators and work on various projects.

If the freelance life is not your dream, then you can also think about collaborating with an agency , either as an external collaborator or in-house, for example in agencies that have their own in-house copywriting team. In this way, depending on the agency you work with, you could work for example for its clients or for the agency’s contents.

But let’s take a closer look at how to find a job as a copywriter.

How to find a job as a copywriter

Once you have acquired the necessary skills, the fun begins: finding a job as a copywriter !

As we have seen, the two most common ways are to Bulk SMS Belgium work in a company or to work as a freelancer. Let’s see how to find work in both of these avenues.

Work in the company

If you want to work as a copywriter in a company , the first thing I advise you to do is to intercept all the agencies with which you would like to collaborate.


Then send a spontaneous application in which you show your interest in the company and through which you offer your services as a copywriter. Explain how your skills can add value to that company or a particular project and attach your portfolio with some examples of relevant work.

Also look for the various job postings . You can find Lead Sale them on job search portals but also on platforms such as LinkedIn.

Then create an eye-catching resume . Remember that it is creative work: sending a CV in Europass – when it is not explicitly requested – is often not a winning move.

Many companies don’t even ask for a resume, just a portfolio. So make sure it’s captivating, engaging, and always up-to-date.

Don’t underestimate the power of offline either . Attend industry events, conferences, and copywriter groups to network with industry professionals. In this sector, word of mouth is also essential.

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