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It’s worth mentioning that the higher your hard bounce rate, the greater the percentage of your sender score that will be affected which could lead to you being automatically marked as spam. Soft Bounces Soft Bounces These are temporary glitches that cause the recipient’s email to appear as undeliverable however the message indicates that the error can be resolved before the next send so the user will continue to be considered for the next campaign without any issues or even There will be more than one attempt to receive a failed email to give their server time to crash. A steady soft bounce indicates that the message has arrived.

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The consumer’s server ie email address was recognized Israel Mobile Number List but the email bounced before. It reached the inbox. They can also occur when the consumer’s inbox is full, the mail is very large, there is spam content. When suspected spam is detected. Anyway there is no need to panic because as we mentioned before this is temporary as we will be able to see the details in our campaign report immediately. If the same email address continues to soft bounce after multiple campaigns then it may be considered a hard bounce and removed from your contact list requiring at least a soft bounce.

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To make the user a hard bouncer and get Lead Sale deleted. Standing out in the main category of soft bounces is Inbox Full. While this is often categorized as a hard bounce. Sometimes this type of error also falls under the category of soft bounces. For example, if a user received your campaign without a problem for a while, but now it is. mistake. Monitor how often emails fail to deliver in days when trying to send emails. Errors during this time are considered soft bounces and once the daily limit is exceeded. Bounces continue they are classified as hard bounces. To solve this problem it is necessary to connect users and let them.

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