How to determine the profitability of each channel

CRM manager for a major ready-to-wear brand, have at least one point in common: they both know their customers, be they their declarative or behavioral data. During this conference, which took place in room 2 of the Carré du Couvent (at 11:55 a.m.), they discussed the strategic issue of knowing and understanding customer behavior , regardless of the size of the company. Would you like to know more or (re)listen to the exchange? Read the summary article of the conference or Download the entire exchange in Podcast for free “Optimize the ROI of your advertising investments thanks to data” by Olivier Bonnin.

The potential of data for an effective

Founder and director of good buy media conference .On the optimization of advertising investments. At imf19 do you want to know .How to effectively phone number list measure your advertising investments . Through his conference at imf19 (room 6 at 11 a.M.). Olivier bonin demonstrates the potential of data for. An effective media strategy.  Read the summary article. Or listen to the entire conference for free in podcast .The keys to measuring the roi of your investments .In the final transformation” presented by yohann delahaye. Managing director of mediaveille conference on calculating. The roi of investments imf19 the purchasing process and. The analysis of the performance of digital and media. Investments have become more complex since.

The performance of your digital and media

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The proliferation of online and offline contact points. To adapt to this evolution, Yohann Delahaye , the general manager of Mediaveille , explained in Lead Sale room 4 from 4:15 p.m. to 4:55 p.m. on January 29, 2019,  and correctly analyze its ROI . Do you want to know how to precisely analyze the performance of your digital and media investments? Read the summary article of the conference or listen. To the entire conference for free in podcast .Pivoting on an inbound marketing strategy in b2b. Digitaleo did it. Led by sébastien briot.Digital marketing director and jocelyn denis, ceo of digitaleo conference. On digitaleo’s experience on inbound marketing. At imf19 since 2015, digitaleo has completely redesigned. Its acquisition strategy by focusing on inbound marketing.

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