How to Build High Determination

We all have something we want.

To achieve it, effort is required.

If the goal is high, then more effort is required.

And the road to success often depends on the determination we have within us.

When it comes to changing habits, we will need a lot of determination to stick with the new habits .

Here are some tips to help us maintain our resolve until our habits change:

One should not underestimate the power of intention

If we don’t want to do something, chances are we won’t do it.

However, if we always remind ourselves of the intention:

Why am I doing this? Why did I change this habit?”

— It will be easier.

I strongly suggest that we write down Database our intentions and refer to them when we feel that our resolve is weak.

2. Make small changes
Don’t try to change ALL our habits in one day, later we will quickly give in and return to our original selves.

Make changes little by little.

Some stages of change will give a big change in the direction of our life.

Choose only one to three habits for us to change each month.

Make sure we are intentional about these changes, aware of even small successes


3. Clear instructions
Set clear and specific guidelines about our routines and habits.

If we are trying to exercise consistently, set a Lead Sale date that we will go to the gym, what exercises we will do and how long we will be there.

Be specific.

4. Do the Pledge
Pledge means an undertaking with someone important to us to refrain from doing something.

Always inform the people we love and respect about our new goals.

We can let ourselves down, but it’s harder to let down the people we love.

5. Pray
Ask God for help so that He helps us make the changes we want to make.

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