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Engineers Storage and Distribution Managers Compliance Officers Economists Health and Social Services As we are in a pandemic few jobs are as important as social and health care workers. Even if you’re not qualified to work on the front lines as a doctor or crisis support worker, working in a public health or administrative position can be one of the safest jobs during a recession. Jobs in this category include Home Health Aide, Registered Nurse, Pharmacist, Physician Assistant, Physical Therapist, Hospital Administrator, Child Care Provider, Financial Services. When the economy takes a hit, businesses and people across the country will be trying to maximize every dollar. Financial experts are in high demand because they can help people keep their books profitable.

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In addition, state and federal governments may offer grants or loans to businesses to help them stay afloat during difficult times. These aid packages often come with strict reporting requirements. As a financial professional you can help organizations get the most out of this money and accountable Canada Mobile Number List Here are some sample jobs in this category: Accountants and Auditors, Budget Analysts, Actuaries, Human Resources Managers, Insurance Brokers, Financial Analysts, Communications and Information Technology. In difficult times, people need to stay informed and connected. Journalists help the public understand important economic developments and telecommunications companies help people get online. Example jobs here include.

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Journalists, programmers, telecommunications technicians Lead Sale data analysts, specialists, journalists, industry and other professional services. Manual projects like home improvement and non-essential auto repairs will be sidelined during the recession. But while this can have a negative impact on people working in industries such as auto repair and carpentry, basic repairs are inevitable. Other professional services such as hair and beauty services have also held up surprisingly well during the recession. Jobs in this category include automotive technicians, veterinarians, electricians, plumbers, hairdressers, groomers, carpenters, auto mechanics, veterinarians, dog medicals, recession-proof occupations, and recession-proof occupations. Recessions hurt the most during economic downturns.

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