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Services Computer Room Online Career Scholarship Program Employment Counseling Laboratory Library Language Courses Sports Facilities Gymnasium Olympic Swimming Pool. National Institute of Technology Excellence and are two of the best public engineering schools in the country. Has all the elements to occupy this ranking as it focuses on the development of talent in the engineering but we’ll give it a place not because it doesn’t deserve it but because of international projections. Second only to Latin America in the Mexican rankings according to global rankings and undergraduates are among the most in national and international competitions. Awards and Honors Research and Center for Study.

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One award is for the best postgraduate thesis Cayman Islands Mobile Number List at master’s level. National Food Science and Technology Award. The best postgraduate thesis award at the master’s level. The International Congress of Industrial Microbiology an honorable mention to the postgraduate thesis. Alliance with almost all universities in the country. Level 1 laboratory. All works are covered. Services Modern Library Geology and Paleontology Museum Consulting Cultural Events Musical Groups and National Orchestras Language Programs Sports Facilities for American and Soccer Football. Or a private university established to foster economic growth by nurturing technology companies to develop talent.

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It is one of the most exclusive and its facilities are the best Lead Sale equipped in the country. Position in the ranking according to the global ranking in Latin America in Mexico for the number of students at any campus of its university network Awards and honors Established the first Internet connection in Mexico She is the founder of the organization responsible for the first Internet connection in the country program. It is the only private university in the world with the highest number of registered patents in the country and the only Libero-American university with the most millionaire graduates in the university rankings. Affiliated agencies of the government act.

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