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Loading is fast and we never make users wait more than a second between their request and our response. Responsive website our website experience should be just as pleasant whether users visit it from a computer, tablet or smartphone. For this we can use responsive design web adapts to each device or use separate or one of the first tasks is to ensure content can be enjoyed from any device with responsive design. Seo responsive design responsive design will allow users of your website to browse easily and without errors.

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Anyway the biggest goal we should keep in mind is to List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers provide a great user experience and find what they are looking for in an easy and pleasant way. Tools to make sure you’re doing it right I’ve provided a very useful set of tools for you to use. This test will tell us how fast our site is in the desktop and mobile versions and compare it to other sites so you know what they are is it above or below average. Tool this awesome free tool will allow us to perform a speed test on our website and it will also tell us the load times of the elements that make it up awesome.

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The mobile friendliness test is another very useful Lead Sale google tool that will tell. Us if our website is mobile ready or not. Keyword relevance in an ideal world every page is designed to rank for a range of keywords. In this way, we can ensure that the title description and content. Are all around this keyword, which meets the user’s intention and can be better positioned. Trying to rank pages for very different keywords is dangerous and usually does not yield good results. Tip always try to rank pages for a range of keywords.

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