How To Choose A Business Phone Number

Click All Experiments. To add a new experiment click the blue button. There were three types of experiments discussed above. We choose Custom Experiment. We had to decide whether to use a display or a search campaign. In this case we will use the search option. In Custom Experiments we give the experiment a name and add some description optional. We have to choose a campaign but we can’t choose a campaign with a shared budget which makes sense since we’re splitting the budget between the main campaign and the experiment. With this last step we will be ready to test.

Choosing phone number

As we already mentioned what we want to achieve Ukraine Mobile Number List with the experiment is to test the bidding so we will change the bidding strategy in the campaign settings section. In this case we will choose to maximize conversions. Configuration of the experiment campaign in the ad To run the experiment click on plan at the top. We must choose a maximum of two targets. In our case since we have changed the bidding strategy to Maximize Conversions we want to test whether the change resulted in an increase in conversions. Another important metric is cost because we don’t want it to increase as we get more conversions.

Phone Number List

How to choose a phone number

We therefore choose the little change option Lead Sale This part will depend on your goals in this experiment. Regarding the division of experiments from the base activity we usually use the test activity because it will be more efficient. Keep in mind that if one campaign has a higher budget, be it an experiment or a base campaign, it may have a higher impression share than the other and this will have an impact on the results. If for some reason you want to leave an activity for a long time and you want to minimize the risk you can adjust the percentage so that your test activity only gets while the base activity is. Target experiment in advanced options.

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