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You have implemented it on your website you can drop us a note and tell us about your experience. We had a great time meeting her news and product improvements David Kaufman year month David Kaufman year month day seo news seo news month is a very intense month for us. At the institutional level we are constantly evolving at the team level and at the project level and most importantly we have put everything into the development of the software to make it the most efficient project management tool in the world. So that you can see how it’s improving month to month we started the project I.

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We’ll be sharing an article each month with all the product Cyprus Mobile Number List improvements and a roadmap for the next month so you know what’s coming. We hope you enjoy it as much as we love improving this tool day by day. Let’s go there catalog monthly report week by week you will receive an email with a weekly report for your project where you can see the most important metrics clicks impressions hits average rank evolution and which are key words and pages have undergone more significant changes. From now on you can also view all these metrics on a monthly basis.

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The first week of each month you will receive an email Lead Sale with your monthly report and soon you will be able to customize these emails so you can choose the cycle that works best for you. Monthly reports sign up for our software and receive your monthly reports for free. It is important to see the absolute values ​​of metrics and statistics in dashboards. But we can’t know if our project is growing if we don’t look at these metrics properly. That’s why in the project dashboard we added the following metric growth month vs. Previous month growth of the current month vs. The previous year.

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