Find new blog content ideas

Are you suffering from writer’s block ?

One of the main obstacles that bloggers face is in fact the constant search for new ideas for their content . And ChatGPT can be an incredibly useful tool for generating fresh and interesting ideas for your blog in the field of digital marketing.

Here’s an example of how you can use ChatGPT to come up with new ideas for your content:

PROMPT : “Make a list of 10 topics I can develop in my gardening blog”

And here is the ChatGPT output:


Certainly! Here is a list of 10 topics you can develop into your garden blog articles:

  1. “How to create a drought-proof garden: tips and resistant plants”
  2. “Cultivation of vegetables in pots: how to have a vegetable garden even without a garden”
  3. “Climbing plants to adorn fences and pergolas”
  4. “Organic gardening: natural methods for plant care”
  5. “How to create a perfume garden: the best perfume plants”
  6. “Guide to choosing shade-suited balcony plants”
  7. “Homemade Natural Pesticides: Eco-Friendly Solutions for Pest Control”
  8. “Seasonal maintenance plan for a perfect lawn”
  9. “Gardening in small spaces: how to make the most of a small courtyard or terrace”
  10. “How to make an edible garden: plants you can grow and eat”.

Of course, you can also customize the prompt to ask Bulk SMS Poland for a greater number of ideas or to develop the ideas of just one category of the blog.

The more specific you are in your request , the more specific the answer will be.


3. Create catchy titles for blog articles

Blog article titles play a crucial role in grabbing the attention of readers and driving them to click and read your content.

And also on this ChatGPT can be a valuable ally because it can help you create captivating titles that generate greater interest and increase the click rate on your article.

Here is an example:

PROMPT : I wrote an article on [How to Create a Lead Sale Drought-Proof Garden: Tips and Hardy Plants]. Create 10 eye-catching, SEO-optimized headlines for the keyword “[create a drought-proof garden]”.


Here is a list of 10 catchy and SEO-optimized titles for the topic “How to create a drought-proof garden”:

  1. “Complete Guide: Creating a drought-tolerant, beautiful year-round garden”
  2. “The secrets to creating a drought-proof garden: tips and tricks”
  3. “Creating a garden that resists drought: 10 essential plants to know”
  4. “Smart solutions for a drought-tolerant garden: discover the winning tricks”
  5. “Challenge the drought: How to create a lush garden without wasting water”
  6. “Create a sustainable garden without water stress: here’s how”
  7. “Xeriscape Garden: Complete Guide to Creating a Drought-Proof Green Oasis”
  8. “Designing a drought resilient garden: practical advice and recommended plants”
  9. “Water Saving in Gardening: How to Create a Water-Efficient Garden”
  10. “Secrets of expert gardeners: Creating a garden that survives drought”.

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