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Balance individual work with group discussions As individuals we have the freedom to choose how and when we contribute our ideas to the group. At the same time groups need spaces for open discussion and debate. Finding a balance between the two is crucial. Try giving people space to brainstorm independently and then present their ideas to the group. In this way, the starting point of the group can be diversified so that the voices of a will not steal the limelight. Make sure your team always has a way to provide feedback Feedback should become a regular part of your workplace culture. Demonstrate that feedback on team initiatives should be part of the team’s regular process whether it’s a formal suggestion box or an informal survey.

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This will help ensure that everyone has the opportunity to express their views and concerns before a decision is made. Acknowledge and reward someone who dares to think outside Indian Phone Number List the box, even if you disagree with a suggestion. Teach People to Dissent Carefully Beyond encouraging dissent, it is important to teach people how to disagree in a respectful and productive way. This requires a deep understanding of group dynamics and a willingness of all team members to listen to each other’s perspectives. One way to do this is through active listening or developing the ability to listen without judgment. Final Thoughts I learned another lesson from Professor Harvey’s parable about the Abilene Paradox.

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His family was content to play dominoes, but they ended up trekking because they both thought the other wanted something else. Sometimes things are no better outside than at home Lead Sale We often let our negative fantasies about what we lack dictate our behavior. Yet avoiding fear is like playing not to lose. Being strategic and authentic about the path you see and making decisions accordingly is how you win. Build trust in yourself and your team by speaking up early and often. Management is not for everyone Here are the alternatives Author MMDD MM Read Share This Article Become a Manager Jump to Section Reasons Not to Be a Manager Are You Just Scared of Talking.

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