How To Set Up Facebook Ads In Seller Center Shopee

Therefore, Thanks to new integrations, setting up Facebook Ads in Shopee Seller Center is made easy using Facebook ad tools. You can create dynamic ads based on existing products.

It will appear on Facebook and Instagram feeds like this:

To start managing your Facebook Ads via Seller Center, you’ll need to create a Facebook account via the Facebook Ads tool in the Marketing Center.

Go to the Marketing Center and click Facebook Ads

Click Get Started and then at the top right, select Create Account.
Terms & Conditions will appear on your screen. Select “Accept & Next.”
Go to your Facebook Business Page and copy the URL link.
Paste it in the URL box in the Shopee Seller Center then select Create.
Your account should be created within 15 minutes.

Therefore, How to fund Facebook Ads credits within the Shopee Seller Centre
Once your Facebook account has database been created, you can proceed to fund your ad credits:

On the top right, select “Top-up”
Choose the quantity you want and click “Buy Now”

Select the payment method then at the bottom right select “Confirm”

Therefore, Reloads are non-refundable and credits purchased for Facebook Ads cannot be used for Shopee ads and vice versa.

How to create a Facebook Ads campaign within Shopee Seller Centre
Before you spend a dime on Facebook ads, you need to understand how Facebook Ads campaigns work.

To create a Facebook ad campaign


Therefore, On the Facebook Ads page within the Shopee Seller Center, click Create New Campaign
Fill in Campaign Information.
Campaign name – make sure you label your campaign depending on your advertising objective. Example: Increase Conversions for (product)
Lifetime Budget – this is Lead Sale where you set your campaign budget. There will be a minimum daily requirement for Facebook Ads, depending on the region.
Start and End Dates – Select the time you want your Facebook Ads to run. Shopee recommends a campaign duration of 7 days. This is sufficient time for the system to fully optimize your ad’s performance.

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