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Read on to learn more about why you want your site to have site links. Including multiple links pointing to your site, usually between 1 and 2, will give you the following benefits in search results: Increase CTR. Giving users multiple links, some of which may be more relevant than the brand search homepage, will help you increase your CTR, which is the ratio of clicks to impressions. What this means is that you will get more traffic for the same number of appearances. This in turn will provide information about how relevant your appearances are to that particular search. This will help solidify your position in the rankings.

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The more people who click on your results, the easier it New Zealand Phone Numbers List will be for them to cement their position because it will be true. Trust and Curability Not all top results show site links only those that are better structure. For users, the fact that Google has decide to display the search link shows that it is a reliable website with high-quality content and relevant to the search intent. More real estate above the fold As we’ve already mention before, anything that makes your search results stand out from your competitors is welcome. Site links occupy an interesting space in e.g.

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Especially when we’re talking about the mobile Lead Sale version it forces users to scroll to see other search results. But if the first result is relevant and gives you access to exactly what you’re looking for, why would you do it? Have site links on mobile. Mobile site links improve branding. Google chooses for itself which pages of your site will be in search. Highlighting in Links selects the most relevant pages bas on web structure content or user queries. Usually choose those that help increase the visibility of the website such as product page prices or blogs. Link directly to product categories in eCommerce.

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