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Considering that presence and authority are therefore decisive factors for organic positioning continues to be promoted. This value is not officially known today it is secretly calculated by google based on factors such as authority mentioned in this article which is logical. There are two types of juices we find today. Each of them is related to the type of link that has been earned. Logically we will define them in internal and external links. Internal other link juice is the authority to transmit within the same website. Internal pages contain links to other sections or the main page.

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The authority of this page is thus transferred to other pages Sri Lanka Mobile Number List of the same website. Pages that receive many links from other pages on the same website will get high internal link juice and gain higher ranking authority. This obviously affects authority. It affects every internal page linking to ours. For example, if one page of our website links to the home page and another links to the contact section, more authority will be gained since the home page is usually the most authoritative except in special cases. . So not all internal links count equally on the authority level and we can’t say if there is an internal link.

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One has higher authority because it gets higher Lead Sale link juice. Here an extensive analysis of the internal linking of the website comes into play so this factor is one of the most decisive as we are able to distribute the aforementioned link juice on our website and it will determine which pages are more relevant to other pages. External external link juice is the transfer of authority from one website to another. In other words a website contains a link to another website within the content of one of its pages. If everything is correct the linked site will also receive the transfer of authority.

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