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Is to match the keywords we have to our pages to try to always give users the best results and to give a better understanding of what each page’s theme is. While it’s true that meta descriptions are not a positioning factor, they are an opportunity to attract users and make them click on yours instead of your competitors. For this we simply use extract all and provide the appropriate metadata for each page. Also if we use tools they will also tell us if the title or meta description is too short repetitive or does not exist. The first step is to create a document for each URL bas on keyword research and create a suggest tag for each URL.

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Title and meta description and always consider the Benin Mobile Number List click-through rate factor that information is useful and attractive to users. Friendly When analyzing the web at the page level we have to make sure it is optimize and well categorize. Creating routes like this is always much better than not having a pattern like this. We’re going to have to do this for all the different paths or subfolders the network has. The first step in any audit is the structure you have to review and suggest improvements so that they are as friendly as possible to both search engines and users. Specifications and Alternatives Every page we have on the web must be unique and of high quality.

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However this is not always possible. Many times due Lead Sale to technical reasons we have duplicate content either in category product filter. That’s why the canonical tag plays an important role in telling Google which of all the versions it may have is the original page. Checking the correct implementation of these meta tags is essential to guarantee a good indexing process. The first important step when conducting an audit is to use an automat tool such as or any other tool to do a broad crawl of all of the project and analyze all canonical pages. Pay particular attention to those that are duplicates that do not exist and those that are business critical pages.

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