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Pages that are in the footer are not accessible via any internal links. This makes it difficult to be detect by other search engines. Tip make sure every page that is valuable to you on a user level level is properly link on your site. Content if content is king, you ne to take good care of it try to avoid the following mistakes. Duplicate content many times we find that content appears twice, sometimes it is repeat , sometimes it is almost repeat. Nor can we forget external duplicity. Online stores are the clear leaders in this regard. We’ve all seen catalogs copi from manufacturers or distributors that allow you to find products with the same product.

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Multiple stores with product descriptions photos. Tips Latvia Mobile Number List to always create unique content take care that other sites are not abusing it. Similar to another big problem. For this error a tool like this can help you out. Sometimes content is generat for the same topic but ends up being rehash. Tips analyze your own content well to avoid discussing the same topics from similar pages. A good example of cannibalization is some ecommerce that has a product file for it then publishes a blog post in which they analyze the same product but don’t include more data than what is seen in the file.

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Tips before creating content breaking it down, think Lead Sale about the user’s search intent what they should find. Title meta description tags utilize these two meta tags do not repeat them. When your results appear in , you have valuable space to connect directly with users, so tips go the extra mile to create unique titles descriptions for each. Mobile usability it is very important that your site look good on mobile. Almost all templates development today are fully responsive but sometimes you find emb d videos or text boxes that don’t adapt to mobile screens. Tips always focus on mobile usability remember.

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