Develop an effective structure for blog articles

An effective blog article structure is essential for your content to present various information in a linear way and for your readers to have a great reading experience.Through ChatGPT you can therefore develop an effective structure for your articles, allowing you to organize ideas in a coherent and logical way.

An example? Of course!

PROMPT : “Create an outline for the article [“Complete Guide: Creating a drought-tolerant and beautiful year-round garden”] SEO optimized for the keyword [“Creating a drought-tolerant garden”]


In this way you can be sure of touching on all the main points of a given topic, so as to write an engaging, effective and above all complete in information article.

5. Writing introductions, paragraphs or entire articles

This is probably the best known ChatGPT feature – but as you’re finding out, certainly not the only one! – i.e. the drafting of the articles .

In fact, through ChatGPT you can write complete and Bulk SMS Ukraine SEO-optimized articles in a matter of seconds, a nice advantage if you think about how much time it takes to write quality articles.

From experience, the best way to use ChatGPT to write your content is to guide him step by step in drafting, without letting him write at full speed.

For example, you can start from the introduction and guide him in drafting the various paragraphs. Here is an example:


Did you know that you can also use ChatGPT to ask for help on a ready-made text ?

For example, you can check that there are no spelling errors, make a text even more captivating or ask for it to be optimized from an SEO perspective for a certain keyword.

An example of a prompt could be:

PROMPT : “Optimize this text from an SEO Lead Sale perspective for the keyword [“KEYWORD FOR WHICH YOU WANT TO OPTIMIZE THE TEXT”]: “[TEXT TO BE OPTIMIZED]”.

This way, ChatGPT will optimize the text you provided for the desired keyword.

But you can also use ChatGPT to get suggestions on keywords to use for an article, such as:

PROMPT: Suggest main, secondary and related keywords for an article on how to create a backyard garden

And the output will be:


Here is a list of main, secondary and related keywords for an article on how to create a backyard garden.

Main keyword:

  • Create a vegetable garden behind the house

Secondary keywords.

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