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 Continuing on the subject of blogging and business, while it may seem contradictory, this is definitely a year of flight for us. You said that people have more time to go online during the quarantine, but since March that number has increased to a level I didn’t think of. Below I will tell you in detail. I can happily say that “ this” is already effective. It is difficult, but a refreshing business is profitable, and I hope it will bring me more happiness if I can.

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This year’s talk is coming!!! The stages of designing a website Catalog Index Year Target Review with Annual Web latest database Traffic Ranking First Subscriber List Services for Customers My Academy Established Location Blog Channel Guest Posts and Inbound Links Local Landing Pages Member Revenues Partner Conversations Refresh Business Records Year Targets New Product Information Productivity Growth Channel Finance Conclusion, Happy Year!

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Year-goal review is very important to me because after I was fired from the company where I worked, I was well aware that I wanted to give myself a hundred percent, so that I did not have to rely on any boss, but it was an ambitious goal  Lead Sale and a dangerous goal. Thanks to hard work and tireless work, I achieved many important goals that I had set for myself. These used to be: There are monthly customers who make a living from business.

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