Candy Crush: I segreti di Neuro Marketing

In 2015,  Candy C rush  cannot be considered just a trend. With more than 100 million downloads, the free game is generating around one million dollars a day for its producer  King .  In other words, Perhaps this game’s most powerful weapon is the highly addictive it naturally generates.  In short, even if you are not passionate, there are some marketing secrets that you will surely find interesting

Scarcity increases desire

most games allow you to play when you want and as long as you want. Obviously candy crush has set a play limit for hours. Players have 5 lives and as soon as they run out they have to wait 30 minutes to play again. These breaks  play to increase from  Whatsapp Mobile Number List accexponentially. The principle of scarcity  is one of the postulates of the psychologist  dini  (the weapons of persuasion) which shows that  the scarcer a good is, the more the desire to obtain it increases . If you can demonstrate that your product is limited, hard to buy.  Only available for a limited time it will be more attractive to your consumers.

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The “free” attracts

the word “free” generates a powerful effect in our brain. Experiments by  Dan Ariely  and others have shown that  free things are more attractive . Candy crush is free to download and play for everyone and king earns from those who want to play more and faster (for a fee). This kind of logic is called  “freemium” theory formulated by Cris As and the definition of life cycles… In short, the keyword here is SNELLO, what an analysis and digitizatsample Lead Sale techniqueion plan should look like.nderson  which offers the free product but with limited services.


Our brain likes it “easy”

Getting started with candy crush is ridiculously easy. The rules are easy, the possible combinations of interlocking are few and this ease means that  users learn to play almost unconsciously . Nobel Prize winner  Daniel Kahnema  proved that .

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