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Recently google has announced that mobile-first indexing will be the default behavior for all crawled sites by December. The distinction between and is important because they respond to two different recipients and are often used by users who want to refer to the same concept in the wrong way. Concept refers to how our website will look, content, elements, user experience etc. Will adapt on mobile devices. It is said that if a website adapts to said device then it is responsive and hence it is mobile friendly. An official tool is provided to verify whether our website is.

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Compliance with these mobile friendliness guidelines Chile Mobile Number List we can find here. Mobile-first indexing by itself as we have seen mobile-first indexing is an indexing algorithm that prioritizes the mobile version of content over the desktop version. Mobile-centric indexing best practices websites that want to take advantage of the new mobile-first indexing method obviously have to be mobile-friendly. But it must also be developed taking into account key elements that allow smartphone agents or mobile smartphone user agents to exploit our website and position it correctly.

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Good practices for optimal mobile-centric indexing it Lead Sale uses structured data in both desktop and mobile versions. Include the same metadata on mobile as on desktop preserve. Content elements text content and graphic elements in the mobile version. Leverage social metadata on mobile and desktop. Check out the mobile version for easier indexing. Check the capacity of the server. The web will have a higher tracking rate and too limited hosting could get you in trouble. Don’t use different burls for desktop and mobile sites.

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