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Because it tells us whether the result can be considered statistically significant. By default you’ll see performance data for Clicks, CTR, Cost, Impressions, and All Conversions. I already have my test results. Now what? When you have enough data to make a decision, you have two options. Apply an experiment to a campaign. If the experiment shows that the tested strategy gives you better results, you can: Apply changes to the original campaign or to a new campaign. If you choose the latter a new campaign will be created and the existing version will be automatically paused. in all situations.

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All experiments will be Terminating South Africa Mobile Number List the experiment You can simply stop the experiment if you are not satisfy with the results. Don’t take it to heart. The original campaign will continue to run with traffic and the experimental version will be mark complete. Hint analysis results can be complex especially when we test certain bid strategies. The success of some bidding strategies depends heavily on the campaign budget. For example testing bids to maximize conversions works well on a tight budget but if the budget is too big the campaign will spend the budget every day whether or not it achieves the results you want.

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One experiment split the budget between two Lead Sale campaigns. As we have seen above is usually the allocation. If we then apply that bid strategy to the base campaign, the campaign will now have the full budget instead of half. This can affect results so be sure to run experiments with budget in mind and keep an eye on spend when making any changes to the underlying campaign’s bidding strategy. We hope this helps you create experiments. Contact us if you help creating an effective campaign to grow your business.

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