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From the Graph button you can change the graph to Search Volume Trends by Platform Phone and Tablet or Segment by Location and the bottom arrow is use to show or hide the table. Keyword Planner Chart View Data This is one of the least use features is the configuration of the table data view. They are the Columns section that appears between the table filters and the arrows use to hide and show the graph and Keyword View View Data Keyword Planner These two options allow you to change the view of the table using the list keywords. How to Choose Keywords Using the Keyword Planner Congratulations you have reach the middle of the article From now on the content will be more interesting and as always.

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The best awaits you at the end Promise. Now you have a basic Lithuania Mobile Number List understanding of the main features of the tool. Now the big question is how do I choose keywords for my strategy? This will depend on several factors such as whether. The choice is for or what state the project is in. Evolution is what data we have. If you ask yourself the right questions you can make. The right keyword choices Finding Low Competition Long Tail To find low competition long tail keywords use the Keyword Difficulty column. By clicking you can sort by difficulty but remember you can also use other filters to help you. An important detail refers to the campaign’s keyword difficulty instead of.

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If it is true usually this data is also relate because it is understood Lead Sale that if the. Difficulty is high It is because the industry is saturate and it is definitely relate. If you want to improve this long keyword selection you can use or to count the number. Of words and sort by number and search. For this, you must rely on the formula length and space length to replace spaces. Search for popular keywords. If you want to see the trend of keywords, you to use this tool. Thanks to this tool you will detect seasonal search traffic when the keyword is searcher the most and least and see its trend if each time the keyword is searcher more or less.

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