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Will not be able to access it so it will never be index. Also you should be careful with pages that contain tags which tell robots not to include that page in its index check for no relevant content or even itself being tagg as such. Dealing with Title Tags Good content structure is important not only for users but also for bots. Make sure each of your pages contains one and only one tag that best describes what the page is about including keywords as far left as possible. Next, design a structure of hierarchical headings to organize the content in a logical way and make it easier to understand by simply browsing the structure.

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This works for both humans and machines. Content Architecture Croatia Mobile Number List for Posts Content Architecture Examples for This Article Optimizing Images In the Times Adding images to complement text is not only recommend but necessary. Besides complementing written content to improve its comprehension, they also visually lighten the information load, creating a lighter and easier to use The textual optimization of web images is bas on three-dot tags or alternative text tags us to describe the content of the image to search engines. A good strategy is to include variations of the keywords we’re dealing with whenever they make sense. Filenames correctly name images using variations of keywords that describe their contents.

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Not a series of meaningless numbers and letters Lead Sale can improve user experience and help images rank in Google. Size and weight in order not to ruce network load Images should always be upload to the maximum size for viewing and optimize them to ruce weight as much as possible without losing quality. One of the easiest ways to increase users’ time on your site is to link together topic-relat content from a product to a post explaining how to use it from one category to another with similar or complementary products from One post to another expands an important concept.

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