Choosing the Right Rod Also Has an Effect

What we want our lure will land smoothly and softly on the water.

3. Use a heavy lure
Baitcaster reels are ideal for handling heavy lures.

For those new to the baitcaster, choose a heavy bait such as a spinnerbait or a large soft plastic.

If you use a light bait, you will be haunted by the backlash problem until crazy.

This is because the light bait will not be able to bring the line out as fast as the spool spin

So avoid this problem by starting with Whatsapp Mobile Number List a heavy lure.

4. Choose the right rod

For starters, if possible choose a medium action rod.

Appropriate casting rod length

The medium action rod flex will absorb energy well during the cast, and launch your lure without backlash.

5. Do not throw against the wind
When casting against the wind, it will slow your lure dramatically.

Unfortunately, the spool on your BC does not, and this will cause backlash.

It is better if you cast with the wind, because it will make the bait go further in addition to avoiding backlash.

The method of loosening the rope if “vermicelli” occurs..
Even though we have practiced the steps above, backlash may still occur once or twice.

Watch the video below for tips on solving backlash problems without cutting your strings

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Conclusion: To be good at using a baitcaster requires practice..
As people from my village say, practice Lead Sale makes perfect.

Don’t wait until you’re on the river to experiment and practice with your baitcaster.

This will only frustrate you.

Whenever possible, practice throwing in your backyard. At least you can control the situation around you.

This will give you confidence when hunting fish in the real field later.

Hope this article helps you.

If there are any mistakes in this article, please correct me in the comment section below.

Asalammualaikum Tuan Naim, I would like to ask a few questions regarding the M/MH spinning setup, what reel is suitable for my rod? Please explain sir

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