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Your website may be penaliz for not ranking optimally. Tips find a balance between your own content sponsor content among the articles on your site. Website performance loading spe is the most important sometimes mistakes or bad decisions can occur that prevent the proper functioning of the web. Cheap is expensive with low-quality hosting, but good hosting solutions can be found at relatively affordable prices nonetheless. If you really want your website to be a business then saving euros every year won’t help if all you get is poor service or hosting that is technically technically inadequate.

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The server you host will be the foundation upon Kenya Mobile Number List which everything is built. So it’s worth investing a bit more to stop think about your ne s before deciding. Tips to always hire high quality hosting. Extra plugins modules I see plugins I install. It seems like a premise for many users that the accumulation of plugins features can slow down your site’s loading spe. Tips not to install unnecessary plugins uninstall all unus plugins. Images are not optimiz websites with unoptimiz images are often found at the end. A single hd image can weigh several megabytes make your website load very slowly if you don’t adjust its size or quality.

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We always recommend an image weight of less than. Tips Lead Sale optimize the weight size of images before uploading make sure they are always populat optimiz with all metadata. Without a strategy we leave the bug until the end it could have more context be harder to fix. Starting a project without proper positioning business strategy can be disastrous. Before you ask yourself a lot of questions who is my buyer persona what is my differential value who are my competitors how do they attract users do I price competitively do I have enough catalog do I have enough products current future ne s of how I will be in the site.

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