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Detailed research on your website’s competitors is an excellent starting point for ranking high in and implementing good practices. In many cases clients have identified their most direct competitors but they don’t know which ones have a strong presence on the internet so it’s the professional’s job to investigate and beat them as best they can. What is the company’s product or service What is the star product What products or services are you currently selling Any specialist or consultant needs to have a clear idea of ​​what their client’s product or service is. This is important because it depends.

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It is once we start our web targeting campaign that we can do a Jamaica Mobile Number List better job of doing research on keywords to target, sorting out those that are core business keywords (primary keywords) and those that are not.. Conversely if our clients have multiple services or products we would ask them to group them into series or sub-family which is convenient. In this way we will gain a better understanding of your business structure and allow us to define the organization of the website’s taxonomic content as well as categories and subcategories. The target audience profile is here we must be in our newsletter.

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Write down everything related to your target audience Lead Sale segment and customer market type. At this point it is important to be clear about the buyer persona of the customer age gender language professional level seasonal culture city you live in what type of market it operates if selling services or products to other companies if selling services or products to end customers. This difference matters in some cases because the keyword and content strategy we would implement would be different if we were selling to individuals than if we were selling to corporations. Finally we can’t forget the geographic subdivision of the local country or country.

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