Canary Islands creates the longest spot in its history to promote tourism

The seeks to attract tourists over 55 years of age with an emotional spot. The objective of this campaign is for tourists who are members of the “silver generation” to increase their stay in the archipelago. Therefore, from its current average of 10.7 nights, up to 55 nights. For this reason, the Department of Tourism, Industry and Commerce of the Government of the has released the longest spot in the history of the Canary Islands brand . Therefore, that seeks to attract a source of wealth, employment and prosperity to the islands. As the official website of this campaign points out, «here you can do what you want most at any time.

The Canary Islands' commitment to the "silver generation

Focusing this tourism campaign top industry data on the “silver” generation is not a crazy proposal, then, since 36% of visitors to Spain are over 50 years old. This generation has the time to enjoy a longer and more experiential vacation stay. As Yaiza Castilla points out, despite the context of crisis, the desire of tourists from all over Europe to travel to the archipelago remains intact . For this reason Tourismo de Canarias is going to lead a communication that gives peace to Europeans in the midst of economic and geopolitical uncertainty, promoting a more sustainable tourism model in a safe destination.

The longest spot in the history of the Canary Islands

The trajectory of their generation Lead Sale has made them very emotional as people and, although their economy is secure and they have the highest disposable income on the continent. Therefore, as consumers they have become very prudent and cautious,” explained Alberto Ávila, director of Tourism Marketing projects for the. Therefore, as the objective of the campaign is to extend the stay of tourists, the department has done the same. He has created the longest spot in the history of the brand. Therefore, this emotional eight-minute short seeks to connect with the viewer through the beauty of the archipelago. 

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