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Are you planning to sell jewelry or start a blog? Depending on your answer, your web page may need a completely different look and feel. Whether you create your own website or hire a service provider, you should think ahead about what kind of website you need. In the end only you as an entrepreneur can make this strategic decision. We’ll address some of your concerns with this summary of web page types. What types of websites are there today? The most popular types of webpages About one new website is created on the Internet every minute. Not all of them fall into the categories we’ll cover.

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Mainly because they are not always clearly Peru Mobile Number List distinguishable from each other. However we have chosen this type to show you the most important web page formats and their most notable differences. Who the corporate website is for Corporate agencies and freelancers. Purpose Presentation of the company itself and the possibility to establish contacts. A classic corporate website usually corresponds to the content associated with a web page. This is a collection of individual pages whose main purpose is to provide information. The company showcases its service team and provides networking opportunities. A corporate website is a company’s digital business card. However, a website can also contain dynamic elements.

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Elements such as a news section or a blog whose content Lead Sale is regularly updated. Larger websites often integrate other types of web pages such as landing pages or microsites so businesses can pursue different goals through a single presence. In order to make your brand or website known to the target audience companies should take additional steps such as online marketing and search engine optimization. If you want to create a company website yourself and have little or no programming knowledge you can use a website builder such as our service. This will give you no prior knowledge of the design.

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